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Perma-Patch is now available.


The #1 rated asphalt, pothole, and utility cut repair option.

Perma-Patch is a FAST and EASY permanent repair solution. Use Perma-Patch for filling potholes, repairing driveways, road maintenance, street repair, and patching asphalt.

Perma-Patch is the inexpensive and permanent solution for the repair of potholes and asphalt paving. Perma-Patch will outlast hot asphalt and very little labor is required. Do the job one time! See how easy it is:

YES! Perma-Patch, an all season, all weather, permanent asphalt patching material used throughout the United States and many foreign countries with extraordinary success. Easy to use, no mixing, no special pothole preparation, displaces water and accepts immediate traffic.

Most durable for permanent repairs, Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces.

  • No mixing or preparation!
  • Pour right from the bag into the hole!
  • Compact with a tamper, small plate compactor, or just drive over!
  • Use the same mix year round!
  • Bags have a shelf life of 2 years!

Perma-Patch can be used any time, any place:

  • Winter cold and snow
  • Summer heat and rain
  • On blacktop and concrete paving

SHRP shows Perma-Patch with Lowest Failure Rate

Perma-Patch is most durable pothole repair material

Perma-Patch is most durable pothole repair material