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The Many Surprising Uses for a Leaf Blower

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We all know that a leaf blower can be used to clear leaves – it’s right there in the name! But did you know there are dozens of different ways you can use a leaf blower? Let’s take a look at just a few. 

Cleaning Rain Gutters:

Clogged gutters are just about impossible to clean without a special tool. Did you know you can simply use your leaf blower? It’s easy, fast, efficient, and simply genius.

Clearing Light Snow:

Again – this may be considered genius. Now, you will most likely not be able to clear your entire driveway of heavy snow. But, most leaf blowers will not have an issue with shallow snow or snow and ice on cars and roofs. 


Now we’re not suggesting you dust your shelves or your antique end tables with a leaf blower. However, tractors, crops, roofs, cars, and other large equipment and surfaces can easily be dusted with a leaf blower.

Drying Surfaces:

Although it may seem ridiculous, leaf blowers operate like giant hair dryers. Though leaf blowers should never be pointed at your head, the basic design is the same. If you wish to clean any surface, such as a floor, car, or roof, just blow it dry with a leaf blower in seconds rather than waiting for it to dry out, which can take hours.

Clearing Acorns:

This time of year, oak trees can drop a lot of acorns. Not only may this be hazardous for people, but it also provides food to rodents and makes your lawn look messy. Make sure as many acorns as possible fall out of the oak trees by shaking them. With a leaf blower, you can then gather them together. If you have a leaf blower that can also vacuum, it makes it incredibly easy to collect them in a bag.

Clearing Grass Clippings:

The grass clippings are generally better left on the lawn to return nutrients and organic matter to the soil. However, if they’re too long, they can ruin the look of your lawn and may just smother the grass underneath them.

​Raking the lawn after mowing can sometimes feel like a tedious job, but a leaf blower can make this process much easier. Use your blower to gather them (at low speed if they’re on a sidewalk).

Cleaning Pathways:

You don’t need to have trees directly near your graveled areas for them to end up littered with leaves or pine needles.  Using a rake to try to get them out will likely ruin your neat gravel pathways and areas. Use a leaf blower at the lowest possible speed setting to avoid moving the gravel and small rocks and gather the leaves, pine needles, and debris into a better location. 

Cleaning your Computer:

If you want to give your computer a good cleaning, a standard old-fashioned leaf blower could be an easy choice. Don’t blow too close to the components, do not use a gas blower, and make sure that the airspeed is not set too high so that you cause damage. Try to cover the fans to avoid damage. 

Declogging your Dryer Vent:

Over time, a dryer vent can get clogged with lint and can become a fire hazard. To use a leaf blower to declog, start by removing the dryer hose to  access the vent. Then insert your blower nozzle into the vent, making sure that it is well sealed by using duct tape. When you’re ready, power on your leaf blower to the lowest setting. Gradually increase the power to clear out the entire vent.

And there are many more ways you might be able to use a leaf blower – a versatile tool that can be used everyday or for special projects. 

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I go out of my way to see my guys at Rental Country, Turnersville. They are straight talking, honest guys who go the extra mile to make sure I am ready for work. There is a Stihl Equipment dealer in the town where I live, and I drive 21 miles further to work with the guys at Rental Country. Try them out, I hope you're as happy as I am.
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The people who work here are great. They get you in and out and they're very knowledgeable. They gave me some quick instruction on how to use the small piece of equipment I was renting and I was on my way.

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